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Newborn Baby

Welcome Home Baby

Are You Nervous to Become New Parents? 
We have just the recommendation for you!

Our life-changing classes equip you with everything you need to know as new parents.

Nothing can fully prepare you for being new parents, but having the tools and techniques to accompany you along the way, will make a world of difference. 

Welcome Home Baby Class Topics Include: 

-How to prepare for babies arrival

-Bonding, milestones and Newborn/Infant Cues

-Bathing/Hygiene Basics

-Infant Safety: Choking vs. Gagging, food safety basics, water safety and baby proofing basics

-Umbilical Cord Care -Swaddle Techniques & Options

-Your Amazing New Baby: Appearance, Reflexes and Cues

-Caring For, Feeding and Soothing Your New Baby Breastfeeding

- Latch, Positions and Tricks -Milestones

- Bottle Feeding Positions and Pace Feeding

-Safe Sleep Practices

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